ST. LOUIS -- At Chaminade High School, we know who’s getting all the attention on the gridiron. 

Mizzou quarterback commit Brady Cook, respectfully so. 

But there’s one talent who was going unnoticed. Not anymore. 

Loren Fortune Jr. balled out in his first two games of his senior campaign, raising several eyebrows.

“I don’t talk, I just let everything go out on the field, so as we see the first two weeks, I left it all out there on the field.” Fortune Jr. said.

“Off to two great starts, over 220 all-purpose in week one and then did another 308 in week two,” head coach Antoine Torrey said. 

The numbers Fortune Jr. is posting don't come as a surprise to some. 

“I mean, I’ve played with him since 2nd or 3rd grade, played against him. I mean he’s always been the man," quarterback Brady Cook said. "I’m glad people are seeing it now.” 

 A big reason football fans and college coaches don’t know much about the play-maker? He’s been plagued with injuries. 

“My sophomore year I had a slight hamstring tear and last year I tore my meniscus,” Fortune Jr. said. 

But instead of sulk and pout about the lack of recruitment, Fortune Jr. has embraced the grind and said he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get noticed.  

“I’m just looking to perform to the best of my abilities, whether that be blocking, catching, getting the ball out the backfield, playing defense even -- I’m willing to do it all.”

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