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Love for St. Louis Blues reunites old friends

In 1974, while stationed at Williams Air Force Base in Arizona, Stan Carroll became fast friends with Ed Bialon. Over the years the two lost touch, but they have rekindled their relationship through the St. Louis Blues.

ST. LOUIS – When you look at the Blues 82 game regular season schedule, a Thursday night tilt against Colorado could easily get overlooked. However, it wasn't just any other game for Stan Carroll and Ed Bialon.

"The expansion now that you’ve just witnessed with the Golden Knights, that expansion back in '67, I mean they could have drafted me."

Stan Carroll knows his hockey and he loves the Blues.

"After the first year when the Blues came in '67 I went to a handful of games that year, in the first year, but then I was fortunate to have season tickets until I went into the Air Force," added Carroll.

You could actually call him a historian, rather than a fan.

“I can relate back to the Plager's, Noel Picard, Gary Sabourin, Red Berenson, and the younger generation is like who?"

Carroll even had the opportunity to watch the great Bob Gassoff before he became a Blue. Carroll was training at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, while Gassoff was playing for the Denver Spurs.

"Everybody would keep their eyes on Bob Gassoff because you knew his job was the enforcer, other than being a defenseman," said Carroll. "That was his fast train to the Blues roster. Just annihilating anyone that got in his way."

In 1974, while stationed at Williams Air Force Base in Arizona, Stan became fast friends with Ed Bialon, and over the years the two lost touch, but in November of 2015 Ed had the opportunity to come to St. Louis and be a minister at Overland Church of Christ. It got Ed thinking.

"I had come home after church, saw something about the St. Louis Blues on television and then it kind of clicked a memory from years past when I met Stan," Ed Bialon said with a smile on his face. "When that happened I started wondering, I wonder if I can find him?"

Thanks to the internet, Ed narrowed it down, and decided to go out on a whim.

"I was down to one, and it was somebody in South County, and I had an address," said Bialon. "So what I had done is I had taken an old picture of Stan with me and I came to the door..."

"...I see this face and my little brain cells were just scrambling. Who is this?" added Carroll.

"...and I had taken my sunglasses off and I said, 'I'm Ed Bialon' and I think you could have knocked him over with a feather at that point," as Bialon finished the story.

Ever since that day the two have rekindled their friendship and all because of Stan's love for the Blues. Their story got out around the church, and as a result, a Blues’ season ticket holder gave them their glass seats to Thursday’s game against Colorado. It was Ed’s first NHL game.

"It was tremendous and of course with Stan there, he just made sure I kept my eye on the puck," said Bialon. "He kept me in the right direction."

"I made a joke that there’s a reason Ed is in St. Louis," said Carroll. "This church is his number one reason, but number two, I think he’s the missing piece for the Blues to win the Stanley Cup."

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