ST. LOUIS — The most impressive "Dymond" in St. Louis is certainly cut. However, she's not in a ring, but on a mat.

Dymond Guilford, a sophomore at Missouri Baptist, is quickly turning into one of the country's most recognized female wrestlers.

“When it comes down to it I’m just looking to get to that next match," said Dymond.

“I promise[d] you guys, you guys are gonna know my name at the end of the season and that promise has come true.”

The Lancaster, California native is coming off an international gold medal in Germany and a first place collegiate wrestling national finish in the 170-pound division. She's also on Team USA's junior world team and will compete for another gold in next week's first-ever NAIA female wrestling national tournament.

Dymond would be the first female wrestler in school history to win two national titles in the same season.

“Every level I’ve been out, high school level, college level and now junior level, what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it," said Dymond.

And she’s still getting a lot. At 5-foot-5, 170 pounds, Dymond is a force on the mat. Her head coach, Brian Jackson, said what's helped her most is that she's extremely coach-able.

"She has the ability to be a high quality diamond," he said, noting that he also uses her magnetic personality to recruit other females to the sport.

With her tenacity and team spirit also comes enthusiastic ambition, all of which culminate into one of the best young, female wrestlers to watch in the country right now.

“I’m from Lancaster, California. All I did was dedicate a little bit of time for wrestling and, boom, I’m traveling across the world for it? It’s pretty great," said Dymond.

And Dymond has only been wrestling for three-and-a-half years, meaning her best is certainly yet to come.

“I want to make the Senior World Team. I want to get a World medal. I want to win a world championship. That’s what I want. That’s my ultimate thoughts and plans right now," she said.