ST. LOUIS — Busch Stadium has several things to look forward to this weekend, but none will be anywhere as important as Yadier Molina potentially meeting his eldest superfan.

Friday is Molina's 36th birthday — and it's also Jo Janis' 102nd birthday. Jans, who is a self-prescribed superfan of the Cardinals catcher, has nothing to stay shy about when it comes to her love of Molina and the Cardinals. Take a walk through her house and you'll find flags, bobbleheads, collectibles and almost anything else, but her most prized possession has yet to happen.

"Would it be cool meet him," asked 5 On Your Side's Brandon Merano.

"Oh, yes," exclaimed Ms. Janis.

"What do you think that'd be like," Merano asked Janis.

"Well," she laughed. "I'll even hug his neck."

Janis already has stacks of birthday cards wishing her a happy and healthy year, and she even has several hand-drawn cards of herself and Molina meeting on the field at Busch Stadium, but she wants to pay it forward, too.

Their shared birthday, in Janis' eyes, could only get better if she and Molina were to meet, no matter it's before or after Friday's game. And, before the sun was shining on St. Louis early Friday morning, her endgame had already gained traction online.

Using the hashtag #HelpJoMeetYadi, Cardinals fans are hoping to get the attention of the Cardinals on all social media platforms. If you want to help get her to the game and on the field, spend a few seconds typing out the hashtag to let her voice be heard.

After all, there's no better way to end the work week than with a sweet introduction — and a Cardinals win.