If Cardinals fans truly are the "best in baseball" they'll prove it this weekend in downtown St. Louis.

If you're unfamiliar with the St. Louis Cardinals' annual Winter Warm-Up, it's essentially a giant three-day convention where fans show up to meet nearly every Cardinals player (yes, even Yadi) who will walk into Busch Stadium this year. But unlike other years, this year's event will provide unique opportunities for fans looking to bite out a small sliver of history.

Here are 5 reasons every Cardinals fan in the region needs to make their way to the downtown Hyatt Regency this weekend:

Paul Goldschmidt

Bring out the welcome mat, an order of toasted rav and a litter of puppies. Because who doesn't love puppies? Anything to make "Goldy" fall in love with St. Louis couldn't hurt. The Cardinals have one year of control of this potential Hall-Of-Famer before he hits free agency next off-season. If he has a great year with great fan support, the team will likely have a great year, thus the odds of Goldschmidt signing a long-term deal to stay a Redbird dramatically increase.

The dude is coming from years in the desert. Fans, show him the oasis.

Adam Wainwright

In what could very well be his "swan song," as a Cardinal or as an MLB player altogether, this is Cardinal Nation's chance to genuinely show "Waino" one final time what he's meant to fans over his, soon-to-be, 14-year career.

No Cardinal has been more beloved since that Gold Glover who did backflips on opening day.

Dexter Fowler

It's easy to love someone who's loved you back. Let's just say St. Louis fans can show their true colors this weekend by affirming their trust in Dex, a player who was arguably one of the least kind to Cardinals box scores last season.

On top of his hitting struggles, Fowler recently admitted he was battling depression last season, a brave and honest admission, to say the least. Just a few nice words from a few thousand fans could work wonders for Fowler's confidence.

Harrison Bader

Matt Carpenter recently called him a "superstar." Bader was, statistically, one of the fastest baserunners in baseball last year. He was also among the best gloves in centerfield and one of the most improved hitters in MLB.

You want a "superstar's" autograph before the rest of the world catches on? Now is your chance.

It's the "Cardinals Care" Winter Warm-Up ...

... Meaning that this baseball fantasy dreamland this weekend isn't just a ginormous promotional parade for a billion dollar corporation, but also the biggest fundraiser for the Cardinals' non-profit that gives back millions of dollars to area children.

So, feel free to go to Winter Warm-Up for selfish reasons, but give selflessly while you're there.

And, seriously, puppies.