ST. LOUIS — After a nail-biter ending to Game 4, there were some skeptics heading into Wednesday night's Cardinals game in Atlanta.

"I was expecting them to fall apart honestly," Tamisha Nesbitt said. "I was like 'Oh my goodness, this is the last game, they're not going to get it together.'"

Laurie Rudden had been heartbroken by strategy in previous games.

"Don't put Martinez in," Rudden said. "That's all I want, is don't put Martinez in."

Damon Addison's not superstitious though he offered this: "I'll say a prayer."

But with a luck, Brock Seals thought.

"The superstition is wearing my jersey. I gotta wear my jersey," Seals said.

And Nesbitt brought her blanket.

"I always bring my blanket because I'm always cold," Nesbitt said.

The hardcore fan known as "Cardinal Cowboy" brought everything: his custom jersey, cowboy hat, championship rings, and a replica of The Commissioner's Trophy.

But soon skepticism gave way to optimism.

Brock Seals watched on of the first runs across the big screen, shouting "Look at it! Look at it! We can't be stopped. We can't be stopped."

One run, after another, and another... the Cardinals had the game in the bag, one for the history books.

The Redbirds scored runs in the first inning, the most runs for a 1st inning in MLB playoff history.

"When they started running these runs in the first inning, I was like 'this is awesome,'" Nesbitt said.

And with this win, there are new rituals to abide by.

Doug Kunz said he'll watch the next game in the same spot, hoping for a repeat outcome.

"We're coming back here. We're going to repeat the same thing we did tonight," Kunz said.