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Remembering David Freese and Game 6 eight years later

Never. Gets. Old.

ST. LOUIS — October 27, 2011. Every Cardinals fan should know that date by heart.

It's the day David Freese gave us one of the most amazing moments in baseball history.

In case you want to relive that magical day eight years ago Sunday, the Cardinals tweeted out this video earlier today.

You can't say the words "2011", "David Freese", "Game 6" or "See you tomorrow night" out of context in this town without someone immediately talking about that day.

From a baseball standpoint alone, Freese's moment was awesome, but add in the fact that he was a hometown kid and you have one of the greatest sports stories ever told.

Freese recently decided to retire from baseball following his 2019 campaign with the Dodgers, and he talked about that possibility when visiting with Los Angeles in April.

"I definitely thought, 'this could be my last game at Busch, and I hit a homer', which is a great feeling," Freese said after the series. "Parents and aunt and uncle in the seats... Real special for me in a sense for coming back here one more time."

Watch: David Freese talks after what would prove to be his last visit to Busch Stadium as an active player

No matter what jersey he wore, Freese was always sure to recieve a rousing ovation every time he stepped to the plate at Busch Stadium after what he was able to do in 2011.

"It's incredible. They don't do that everywhere," Freese said. "I think growing up here probably plays a little bit extra to it. But what we did in '11 especially, it's just special."

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