AKRON, Ohio -- He was surrounded by more than a million cheering fans Wednesday in downtown Cleveland.

But where did LeBron James go after the historic Cavs victory parade?

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WKYC was told the basketball king had been spotted at Swensons in Akron off Route 18 a few hours after the Cleveland celebration.

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The front sign at that specific Swensons on Brookmont Road is currently showcasing a quote from James himself: "Nothing is given. Everything is earned."

The MVP's mansion is just down the street from the burger drive-in.

Swensons in Akron celebrates LeBron James victory

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Last summer, James was featured in a Funny Or Die comedy sketch as he took his Trainwreck co-stars Amy Schumer and Bill Hader to the same Swensons location. The video was filmed when James brought the Trainwreck premiere to a nearby Regal theater in Akron.