A day after Kansas' setback loss to Oklahoma, a game that saw 7-footer Udoka Azubuike brick six consecutive free throws, one disgruntled KU fan took it upon himself to offer assistance to help the Jayhawks from at the charity stripe.

Except that fan took his free-throw mission too far, according to police.

A University of Kansas Police spokesperson told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday morning that a man entered McCarthy Hall, the dorm that houses the men's basketball team, several times on Wednesday to offer "free-throw advice." Officers were called to the dorm around 3 p.m., but by then the man had left and was not identified or apprehended. There are no plans to file a criminal report.

The on-campus police radio detailed the police calls, and described the man as a non-student wearing a blue and red windbreaker — KU colors.

Although police didn't reveal which player, specifically, the fan was attempting to offer free-throw assistance to, Azubuike is a safe bet. On top of missing six crucial freebies in the final four minutes of the Jayhawks' 85-80 loss to Oklahoma, the sophomore big man is shooting a dreadful 38% from the line in 2017-18. The rest of the team is at a steady 70%.

After the OU loss, Kansas coach Bill Self said it was ultimately a "bad decision" to leave Azubuike in the game because Oklahoma purposely fouled the center as a result.

Self explained his in-game reasoning: "I’ve never believed that you take out one of your best players because you show him you don’t have confidence in him."