ST. LOUIS – Looks like St. Louis rapper Nelly might have a new gig.

On Saturday night, Nelly performed in Las Vegas with Florida Georgia Line. After the show, Bryce Harper stayed to get a picture with Nelly. And for Nelly, it was the perfect time to try to recruit him to his hometown.

Nelly shared an Instagram video with Harper trying to get him to come play for the Cardinals.

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“Yo St. Louis Cardinals fans yo I’m here with the hottest free agent to be, my man Bryce Harper! Listen, Bill, Mr. DeWitt! Call me, I got this – aight, I’m doing all the negotiations! He just need a little convincing man, that’s all!” Nelly said in the video.

Bryce Harper shared a picture with Nelly on his Instagram story.


Harper, a career .279 hitter with 184 home runs, rejected a 10-year, $300 million contract in September from the Washington Nationals.

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@cardinals ...!!! I’m working out here y’all.!!!!!! #STL TALK TO ME @bharper3407 ..!!!