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Watch: New trailer for Kurt Warner biopic 'American Underdog'

Kurt Warner's story from unknown to Super Bowl champion for the St. Louis Rams is close to hitting the big screen. A new look was released on Wednesday

ST. LOUIS — The story of Kurt Warner's life from unknown college quarterback, to grocery store stocker, to Arena League legend and eventually Super Bowl champion with the St. Louis Rams is about to hit the big screen.

The Warner biopic, "American Underdog" will debut in theaters everywhere on Christmas Day, but we got a closer look at the movie on Wednesday.

Warner and Lionsgate released a new trailer for the movie, showing more footage, including better looks at how Warner's time in St. Louis will be portrayed.

You can click here to check out the entire new trailer.

Actor Zachary Levi plays Kurt in the movie, and his wife Brenda is played by Anna Paquin.

Kurt told 5 On Your Side's Frank Cusumano in an interview for Sports Plus that working with Levi on how to portray an NFL quarterback was a major point of emphasis.

"When he first came for about three days when he was cast for the movie, we went out in the backyard and threw the football around and I gave him pointers here and there," Kurt said. "And then at the same time you take a step back and go, well this is still an actor who has never played football. And to expect him to portray an NFL quarterback is not an easy thing to do. But it was fun to have him around the family and feeling out our dynamic and being able to apply all of that to his role."

One of the most crucial relationships in the movie is between Warner and Rams offensive coordinator at the time Mike Martz, especially after Warner had to take over for injured Trent Green.

"I thought the whole dynamic between me and Mike in the movie was really really well done. It was key in a lot of different ways to my development and for me to get ready for that role was for Mike to ride me a little bit," Kurt said.

Of course, "American Underdog" isn't just about football. The movie dives into the relationship between Kurt and Brenda, and why it was so crucial to their success.

"She helped me to grow into a complete person and know there was more to life than just football. As much as I wanted it, there is more to life than just football," Kurt said. "And I became a more well-rounded person because of our relationship and because of the way she challenged me."

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