ST. LOUIS — Alison Chancellor shows her love for the St. Louis Blues wherever she goes. She customized her wheelchair with Blues logos and the team colors.

“My chair is definitely a conversation piece,” Chancellor said.

And, instead of talking about why she is in a wheelchair, the conversation is usually about her favorite hockey team.

“It's so much fun to drive,” she said. “I get all kinds of 'Let’s Go Blues!' Instead of, 'Oh, look at the girl in the wheelchair.'"

Chancellor said she has not always been a hockey fan. She used to get free ticket vouchers when she volunteered at a local hospital. She started going to the games with her dad.

“I fell in love with the game because it was something me and my dad could bond over,” she said.

About two years ago, when Chancellor needed a new chair, there was no doubt what it would look like. Her wheels have a Blues logo. Her head rest is wrapped in Blues fabric. Former Blues player Cam Janssen also signed the back of her chair.

“This one is called What the Puck,” Chancellor said. “Just like everyone names their cars, I name my wheelchairs.”

Chancellor also likes to mention this tidbit about her wheelchair and the man who built it.

“The gentleman who designed this is also a Blackhawks fan. Oops, right?”

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