ST. LOUIS — On the road to Gloria they say every prayer counts. St. Louis Blues fans prayers were answered during Game 7 against Boston. We found this version of the custom prayer making the rounds on social media.

Hey, whatever works! The spirit of St. Louis can move you in all sorts of ways. Blues faithful have soul as deep as the Mississippi. So when it comes down to the wire, fans believe.

“Oh God,” prayed Tony Noronha, “please let them win.” The Blues fan visited the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis on game day. “I’m just so proud of our team. They reflected the spirit of the city,” said Noronha. “I mean after them playing so hard, what is the defining factor? And, it’s faith.”

“I’ll pray for the Blues, always,” said fan Eulalio Maynes. So will hockey-playing Catholic priests.

“It’s such an important thing for our city. I don’t know if God cares about the outcome of sports,” said Paul Hamilton, pastor at St. Peters Catholic Church in Kirkwood. “I mean, obviously, people in Boston want their team to win. God loves them and cares for them. So the way I put it is, it’s because God cares about people. And just seeing in St. Louis just how much energy has been generated around it. Seeing how the city has just gone and rallied around the team, it’s been special.”

Father Hamilton plays with parishioners to honor Dan Rupp, a high school hockey coach who lost his battle with cancer. 

“Hockey can unite people in a lot of different ways,” said Hamilton. “You’ve got faith that you’re team’s going to win. And the Lord is neutral. He says let the best team win.”

That’s the spirit!

Road to Glory

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