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‘Hello, St. Louis!’ Laila Anderson crushes it introducing St. Louis Blues at All-Star Game

Even the pros are calling her a pro

ST. LOUIS — Was there really any other way to introduce our St. Louis Blues for the hometown NHL All-Star Game?

Laila Anderson got the honor Saturday night at Enterprise Center. A huge cheer from the crowd welcomed her as she walked the red carpet onto the ice. She paused and waved to the sold-out arena before launching into her intros.

“Hello, St. Louis!” her voice boomed. “Let’s meet our All-Stars!”

Laila introduced the All-Star Blues players one at a time with a guttural grit that would rival even the most seasoned announcer. Click play on the video at the top of this story or in the player below to hear for yourself.

First up was Ryan O’Reilly. With a big smile on his face, O’Reilly skated straight over to Laila and gave her a hug. Jordan Binnington and David Perron followed behind, each giving her a fist bump. Last up was team captain Alex Pietrangelo, who couldn’t help but smile at Laila’s delivery and skated over to give her a hug before joining the rest of the players.

To say Laila crushed the intros is an understatement. Even Perron was impressed with how she did.

"She was really good, too," Perron said. "She had a good voice too and pretty loud. She had fun doing it, and certainly it was special for all four of us. I think for me and Binner first time to be at this game, it was a special weekend, and she did a good job."

NHL.com writer Dan Rosen called her “an absolute pro” at doing the intros.

And the official NHL Twitter account added to the praise by tweeting, “ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR LAILA ANDERSON. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME job!”

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