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Belleville mom creates adorable Olympic photoshoot for 13-month-old daughter

Curling? Bobsled? Snowboarding? 13-month-old Julia can do it all!
Credit: Rachel Ghirarda

ST. LOUIS — The 2022 Winter Olympics might be over, but one St. Louis family's cute creations inspired by the Games are sure to bring a smile.

Rachel Ghirarda shared some pictures of her 13-month-old daughter, Julia, "competing" in various winter Olympic sports.

Ghirarda said she creates the scenes for Julia to appear in with fabric scraps she had at home. Ghirarda also said she has been doing pictures like this with Julia since she was born, including some scenes from the Summer Olympic Games as well.

Now that she's older, Ghirarda said it is a bit harder to get Julia to stay still for her photoshoots, but strategically planning them after nap time and making sure Julia has something new in her hands to hold usually buys enough time to snap the perfect shot.

Here's a look at some of Julia's "adventures" at the Winter Olympics:

Credit: Rachel Ghirarda
Credit: Rachel Ghirarda
Credit: Rachel Ghirarda
Credit: Rachel Ghirarda

Ghirarda said she has an 8-year-old son who helps on the "demolition crew" to take down the scenes after Julia has completed the perfect pose.

"I am no photographer just love to craft and create! These are my favorite projects, 'cause it includes one my favorite things... my baby!," Ghirarda said.

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