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Opinion | Give David Freese all the ovations

Cardinals fans never forget, especially when it comes to David Freese.

Game six of the 2011 World Series holds a special place in the heart of every Cardinals fan, and for good reason

It's the most absolutely insane ending to a sporting event I've ever seen and will likely ever see.

One of my favorite aspects of Busch Stadium etiquette is what happens when former players, no matter how small a role they played on the teams they were on, get recognized by the crowd when they step to the plate.

This tradition might be one that draws the ire of "BFIB" bashers, but I think it's really neat.

Sometimes it's a little over the top for random guys well after they've had their first at-bat or game back in town, but overall it's a cool thing to see.

People in St. Louis remember the effort these guys put in for the team they love so much.

They remember David Freese most of all, as they should.

Freese has come to the plate 64 times as a visitor at Busch Stadium as a member of the Pirates and Dodgers. It seems like he's gotten a "standing O" almost every time, or at least his first at-bat of every game he's played in as a visitor here.

Freese knows the crowd isn't the same every time he comes back to St. Louis.

Every time he steps into the box at Busch there's a new group of people who want to honor him for what he did here 8 years ago.

By now, at lot of players would have probably stopped recognizing the crowd when they keep cheering for an opposing player, but not Freese.

Because after all, David Freese is one of us.

The Lafayette grad knows how much what he did here means. Every person in the stands on a given night at Busch Stadium has dreamed about living out his exact moment in 2011. He actually got to do it in real life.

The ovations for guys like Greg Garcia, Matt Adams and Joe Kelly are nice, but after their first series back, fans should have their fill.

David Freese is different.

So go ahead, rest of the country, continue to mock Cardinals fans for our continued love affair with David Freese.

Busch Stadium is still going to be standing for the hometown World Series hero long after he retires.

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