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Our list of best ideas for a St. Louis MLS team name

Now that the news is official, it's time to propose and debate a name for St. Louis' MLS team. We have some ideas.
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Thursday is the day we learn the name of our new MLS team!

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Last year we came up with a list of names we'd like to see. Check out the list below.

ST. LOUIS — The news that St. Louis has been chosen as team Major League Soccer's 28th team has the entire city buzzing.

But now that it's official we're getting a team, it's time to get down to the biggest question.

What's the name going to be?!?

Last week, we floated the idea out to you, and to our newsroom, and we got some great ideas.

So let's rank them. Here's our top ten ideas for a name for the St. Louis MLS franchise.

Here are the criteria I'm going to use here. 

- Relevance to St. Louis history and culture

- Ability to look cool on a uniform kit

- How it sounds (alliteration is a plus)

I'm also going to try my best to stay away from falling into the European cliches like "F.C.", "Real" or "United". Although I wouldn't be surprised if something like that is worked into a name.

All of these ideas are things I've already seen online in some form or fashion, and are open for debate.

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10: Stallions

So this one is a nod to the almost NFL expansion franchise that almost ended up in St. Louis. It's also the personal favorite of 5 On Your Side Sports Director, who's fantasy football team happens to be named "The Stallions".

9: Expedition

Alright, stay with me here. While this isn't intimidating or anything, it's not a bad way to tie in some St. Louis history with a team name. The Gateway to the West was first "discovered" by one of the greatest expeditions in America's history. Lewis and Clark would vote for this one.

8: Spirits

There are a lot of St. Louisans who would embrace the return of professional basketball to town. That looks unlikely. So, why don't we name the new MLS team after the last professional basketball franchise in town? The ABA's Spirits of St. Louis have one of the most fascinating franchise histories in sports. Why not bring back an iconic St. Louis name for our newest team?

7: Confluence

Alright, here's another one you might dismiss at first. It sounds weird, maybe not everyone knows what it means and it's not intimidating. But, if the new MLS team is set on incorporating the St. Louis flag into their uniform kits (which they would be wise to do), confluence might be a perfect name. The St. Louis flag depicts the point where the Missouri and Mississippi rivers come together at St. Louis. Or, the confluence of the rivers. Just think on it.

6: Stealth

Not much to say on this one. It just sounds cool. You could also maybe tie it into the history of flight and aerospace in St. Louis? Extra points for alliteration.

5: Archers

Count me in for incorporating the Gateway Arch into the name of a St. Louis team. In fact, I wish the XFL had done it. I'm sure someone could come up with a cool "Archers" logo that incorporates our most famous monument. I'm on board.

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4: Steamers

Since we already mentioned bringing some history back when it comes to names, let's go all the way. The original "Steamers" had a great name, and fantastic riverboat logo. Everything is getting a reboot nowadays. Why not an iconic St. Louis name and logo?

3: Gateway F.C.

I'm breaking my "F.C." rule here because this actually sounds pretty neat. It's cooler than just adding "F.C." to the city name and opens up some cool ideas for logos and uniforms. I'm totally in with getting the word "Gateway" into the name somehow. It's a great word, and is a clever way of incorporating the whole region into the name.

2: Rhythm

This was my personal favorite. You might think it's a bit corny, but how cool would it be to have the Rhythm and Blues playing right down the road from each other? Why not lean into our heritage as one of the best music cities in the country? I have no idea what a logo would look like, and that's probably the biggest question with this name, but come on, it sounds pretty neat.

1: Legacy

This is the one we've been hearing tossed around the most. I like it. St. Louis has a rich soccer history. We've produced some all-time players and historic teams. What better way to honor that in the name of our town's MLS team? Heck, I'd even maybe come around to Legacy F.C.

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