The World Cup excitement may be over, but there's a game happening in St. Charles on Saturday that's bringing soccer players from around the world to Duchesne High School for an emotional game of futsal. The team captains are small, but they are mighty.

8-year-old Erin Grace and 16-year-old Luke Schult are a pretty big deal, especially when they're hanging out with players from the St. Louis Ambush.

Erin and Luke have both been honored at the professional futsal showcase in the past. It's the third year for the fundraising match which brings players from around the world together for nothing else than to support these kids and their families who've been competing with the unimaginable their entire lives.

Erin is fighting leukemia.

Her dad Brian said the event helps take their mind off all the treatments.

He said, "They are fun things to do when things aren't quite so fun."

Luke has an inoperable brain tumor. He was a team captain last year.

St. Louis Ambush players Robert Acosta and Corey Adamson aren't paid to play in the futsal tournament. None of the players are. They do it, because they want to.

Adamson said, "When you meet these kids and you see the hardships that their parents go through and the hardships that these kids go through on a literal hour to hour basis, it just makes you appreciate everything that you have."

"It’s a blessing to have a platform to be able to positively influence these kids and positively influence the people that are looking to us as soccer players and role models," Acosta said.

The futsal tournament is put on by the non-profit All American Athlete which helps pay for treatments and outings for kids like Luke and Erin.

Brian Judy is the man behind the tournament.

He said, "we just want to put a smile on their face if nothing else for one night."