It could bring new life to what was a dying part of downtown.

Major League Soccer is expected to announce they're bringing a team to St. Louis, making it official on Tuesday.

Just off 21st street downtown is pretty desolate. 

"In some cases, it's kind of nice and you can have a couple things going on at once and you're not overwhelmed," said Maggie O'Brien's owner Eddie Mcvey.

But in Mcvey's case being overwhelmed is a good thing. 

"You're talking about a game-changer for a lot of people down here, a lot of businesses, hotels, restaurants and when you put that stadium right on our doorstep things are going to change there's no doubt about it," added Mcvey.

With the rejuvenation of Union Station, the aquarium and that big wheel off Interstate 64, things are looking up. 

"We're looking forward to it and of course the soccer stadium would just be icing on the cake," added Mcvey.

And if the dream does become a reality, soccer could just be the beginning. 

"We can identify events that we might not have pursued in the past, but would be great for a 20- to 25-thousand seat venue," said Marc Schrieber with the St. Louis sports commission.

Opening the gateway to the midwest to plenty of new opportunities.

"The NCAA national championship for men and women, we can look at lacrosse and even college football," added Schrieber.

Leaving a lot of people looking forward to Tuesday's announcement. 

"People are excited about it man," added Mcvey.

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