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'This is my hero' | BattleHawks receiver L'Damian Washington's son steals the show during post game interview

"To hold him in my arms is a dream come true. I didn't have my father growing up, so this is a special moment to me."

ST. LOUIS — The BattleHawks have taken over St. Louis over the past month.

They're packing The Dome, selling more merchandise than they can churn out and giving St. Louis fans a reason to care about football again.

After St. Louis' 23-16 win over Seattle, it was one of the littlest members of the BattleHawks' family who stole the show.

St. Louis receiver L'Damian Washington took some time to chat with the media after the game, and he had a special guest make a cameo.

"This is King Carter Washington," L'Damian said, introducing his son. "This is my guy. This is my hero. He's one, 18 months. Just got his shots and didn't cry. Give me a high five!"

King had his eyes on reporters' microphones the whole time, and made many attempts to acquire them for himself. 

"Of course he likes mics, and anything he can get his hands on," Washington said.

You can watch the entire adorable interview below.

Watch: BattleHawks receiver L'Damian Washington's son crashes dad's post game interview

Without King, L'Damian said he might not be playing football at all, and the memories he's making with his little one are the best part of his XFL experience.

"He was the reason I came back to football again in the AAF. And it's led me here. I couldn't have pictured a better situation to go to than St. Louis," Washington said. "My brothers just moved up here the last three years. They've kind of trickled up here each year. It's been such a blessing. To hold him in my arms is a dream come true. I didn't have my father growing up, so this is a special moment to me."

While the Washingtons are making memories, the BattleHawks are racking up wins. St. Louis is now 3-1 on the season, and Washington said the XFL's added win bonus has been a game-changer.

Watch: Jordan Ta'amu talks about big game against Seattle

"That win bonus is huge in this league. Especially for guys that didn't spend that much time in the league and are out here trying to make some money to feed their families," Washington said. "That win bonus is huge. It's a difference of about two to three grand on a paycheck after taxes."

The way they're going now, there could be a few more win bonuses in the BattleHawks' future. Washington said this team really hasn't even tapped its full potential yet, either.

"We haven't even reached where we can go yet. Most of this is new," Washington said. "Developing chemistry and seeing how certain people react to certain games. So we're learning on the fly, but it's good when you're learning and winning."

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