ST. LOUIS — Pete Zimmermann was on fire.

The University of Missouri senior infielder and Chaminade grad was tearing up the competition through 16 games in his last year in Columbia.

Zimmermann was leading his team in five major offensive categories, and already had 17 RBI through 16 games. And that's when the sports world hit pause. The coronavirus pandemic brought Zimmermann's season to an abrupt halt.

The 22-year-old is hoping to have the opportunity for an extra year of eligibility, but he's rolling with the changes.

"We'll see what happens. You don't know what's going to happen with the draft. But if I go back to Mizzou I'd be psyched. Honest to God I think we're going to have an amazing team if I get a chance to go back," Zimmermann said. "Yeah, it's upsetting. But some things are bigger than you. You see everything that's going on, and it's just serious what's going on."

The 6'3", 225 pounder's prodigious power is what scouts will like at the next level if he does decide to head the way of the draft.

Zimmermann can bench press 375 pounds and has had his bombs tracked over 500 feet. The power can play. Now we'll just have to see where it will be playing, come 2021.

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