St. Louis — If you know St. Louis football, you know the Gabberts.

Blaine, Tyler and Brett – all brothers – all quarterbacks. The oldest is in the NFL, the youngest is in the twilight of his high school career. But everyone wants to know, mom and dad, what’s your secret?

“Maybe it’s in their DNA," said mom Bev Gabbert.

"Chuck was a quarterback at Parkway West," she said.

For more than a decade, Bev and Chuck 's lives have revolved around football. And that's been more than okay.

“It makes planning interesting," said Bev. "But it’s been our life and, the other side of it, we love it.”

Blaine is currently a quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. He played football at Mizzou, as did Tyler, the middle son. Brett? He's currently a senior quarterback for Class 6 Missouri state champion CBC and a commit to Miami (Ohio).

“You know what, football-wise, it’s just a sport the kids gravitated toward to," said Chuck.

Chuck said the boys played several sports as kids, usually starting with soccer. But football stuck.

“We just started by throwing the football in the backyard. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just having fun. Playing catch," said Chuck.

And while mom and dad say they didn’t push their boys for football specifically, there’s no doubt Blaine may have kick-started the family’s passion.

“Oh, one hundred percent," said Brett. "Once I saw my brother Blaine and Tyler, they were both quarterbacks in high school, and later went on to play college football, that was definitely a huge factor in my decision and I was like, 'hey I kinda want to do that as well.'”

Is football in the family genes? Yes, but that doesn’t mean quarterbacking comes easy.

“Brett watches film five nights a week with his brother Tyler," said Bev.

“I was definitely born with some God given ability, but I would definitely say some of it is hard work as well," said Brett. "I have put in a lot of hard work to get where I am today," he said.

From Blaine’s highlights as a Tiger to Brett’s state title with CBC last year, the Gabberts are watching a family tradition wind down.

“And it’s great," said Chuck. "We’ll open a new chapter, but it’s tough to close the previous one."

Which means their youngest son’s last home game in St. Louis will be extra special.

“We’re most proud of the boys in the fact that they’ve found something they’ve really enjoyed and they really tried to be the best they could at that," said Chuck.