Now that an official announcement of a future Major League Soccer team appears on the horizon, there's one question that will captivate St. Louis for the foreseeable future... 

What's the team going to be named?!

Fortunately we have some ideas.

(And no, they don't include 'FC')

Sports director Frank Cusumano: "I'd go with the Stallions... after my fantasy football team. Andy Rocky Balboa." (The Stallions was also the proposed name for the expansion NFL team for St. Louis in 1994)

Sports reporter Ahmad Hicks: "I'd go with 'St. Louis Stars'. To bring back a name from an old team that used to play here. Bring back some history."

Sports digital writer and reporter Corey Miller: "I've heard 'rhythm' a few other places and I love it. Imagine, the 'Rhythm and Blues' playing just a few blocks from each other." 

Anchor Mike Bush: "If the stadium was along Manchester Road we could just call it 'Manchester United'... 'Real Provel' is funny, too."

Digital producer Sam Clancy: "I'd go with 'Archers' and have a guy shooting the bow and arrow on the logo."

Anchor Anne Allred: "How about 'Archrivals'? Working the arch in there and letting everyone know we're for real."

Digital producer Dori Olmos: "I'd go with 'Steamers'. Classic St. Louis history."

Chief Meteorologist Scott Connell: "I have to go with a weather term don't I? How about 'St. Louis Vortex'? Or actually 'St. Louis Vorticies'?"

Assignment editor Jacob Kuerth: "I know it sounds dumb... but how about the St. Louis pork steaks?"

While we might be split on a name, I think it's pretty apparent 5 On Your Side reporter Sara Machi came up with an ideal uniform sponsor. Panera on the front on the road, and Bread Co. on the front at home.

Think you have a great idea for a name? Let us know on social media!

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