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Watch this artist transform a driveway into a chalk masterpiece for medical heroes

Kara Hoblin, an artist based on Long Island, creates masterpieces out of chalk. She used her talent to thank medical workers with a special drawing.

GREENPORT, N.Y. — From sunup to sundown, artist Kara Hoblin sketched, shaded and blended, using her artistic instincts to bring her special work of art to life. 

The project that consumed most of her day was different than most of the assignments she did in art school. Instead of a pencil and sketchbook as her tools of choice, she was armed with sidewalk chalk and a driveway. 

From the early morning until evening, Kara worked on her a drawing of four medical workers surrounded by flowers and enclosed in a heart, first sketching an outline, then filling in the design with colors. 

She worked tirelessly, stopping only once for a bathroom break.

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The final product was a breathtaking homage to medical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. A banner with the words "Thank You" cpvered the base of the heart.

As she worked, her boyfriend's brother Eugene Burger filmed the process, creating a time lapse of the impressive drawing. 

Kara, who describes herself as a lifelong artist, originally studied photography at SUNY New Paltz, but stumbled upon chalk art after her entire collection of photography equipment was stolen from her car. Today, she travels around New York and its surrounding areas crafting original works of temporary art for restaurants, weddings and events. 

She decided to create the homage to medical staff after feeling helpless while inside under quarantine. 

"There's nothing I can do (to help)" she said. 

"The one thing I know how to do it draw." 

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Since posting the photos online, Kara has been flooded with messages from people thanking her for the message. She hopes her work inspires others to stay positive while isolating. 

"I really hope the art is spreading kindness and inspiring people," Kara said. 

You can find more of Kara's work on her Instagram, Facebook page or website.

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