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What’s your must-have meal when you’re home for the holidays?

We'll feature your St. Louis food and drink bucket lists in a future episode of Abby Eats St. Louis
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There’s no place like home for the holidays.

The sparkling Christmas tree in your family’s home… the festive lights in your old neighborhood… that warm, tingly feeling when hanging out with loved ones.

But there’s also the food…

The smell of your grandma’s famous brisket in the oven… the warm sugar cookies cooling on the counter, waiting for colorful, creative decorations… that creamy eggnog with a splash of extra cheer.

But in St. Louis, there’s also that first bite into a toasty T-rav… a slice of the square beyond compare… and a spoonful of frozen custard.

For so many St. Louis natives, coming home means indulging in a checklist of must-have foods and drinks. That's why the Abby Eats St. Louis podcast team is putting together a very special home-for-the-holidays episode where we’re featuring your go-to meals and around-the-table stories.

Whatever's on your bucket list, we want to hear about it, as well as any other food-centric traditions, memories and stories that warm your heart this time of year.

What is your (or your loved one’s) have-to-have food when in St. Louis? Where’s your must-stop? What are the foods that make you truly feel like you’re home? What do you crave when you're not in town? And why?

Maybe you hit the Lion’s Choice drive-thru as soon as you get a moment of freedom in the car? Or maybe you head to Schnucks to stock up on Vess cream soda, Red Hot Riplets and Pasta House dressing?

Call our hotline and leave us a voicemail with your name and story: 314-532-6012. You can also email us by clicking here. The deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 3. 

Listen for your stories in a future podcast episode.

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