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High gas prices and flight cancellations foreshadow summer travel issues

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer travel season, but gas prices and flight cancellations highlight the beginning of seasonal travel woes.

HOUSTON — On this Memorial Day, gas experts are predicting gas prices will stay high throughout the summer - and that it's increasingly likely we'll see the national average hit $5 a gallon sometime this summer.

Gas Buddy's lead researcher made that prediction over the weekend.

And while it's lower than some other projections, which included the threat of gas reaching $6 a gallon, it's still bad news for drivers.

In Texas, we're seeing average prices hovering around $4.20 a gallon. The spike is part of an upward trend that began when Russia attacked Ukraine earlier this year.

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Gas Buddy says demand usually starts to decrease in August, which could bring some relief, but that's dependent on our weather.

"With the above average hurricane forecast, there's a high risk that we could see prices remain high basically through Labor Day," one Gas Buddy expert said.

Some drivers are already sacrificing their basic travel plans until they see some relief at the pump.

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"I won't do quick trips down to Florida and I'll probably limit some of my plane travel, just until everything drops back down," a driver said.

Air travel doesn't get easier. Delta announced it decreased it’s summer flight schedule just before Memorial Day.

There were also big disruptions across several carriers this weekend. As of Monday morning, there have already been a total of 255 U.S. flight cancellations.

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