ST. LOUIS - As the calendar flips over to December, we are finally seeing signs of wintry temperatures for the bi-state.

After another weekend of warm weather, our weather pattern changes to a cold one based on almost all forecast data we have here at 5 On Your Side. That means high temperatures below normal for a change, possibly only in the 30s for St. Louis next week.

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Could that mean snow? It’s too soon to tell, as weather details this far out almost always change. But our upper level air pattern is fairly predictable this far out, with all indications of a surge of cold air (aloft) invading the bi-state.

Temperatures at the 850 millibar level, which is about 5,000 feet off the ground, are set to drop to -5 to -10 degrees Celsius. That translates to our surface temperatures in the 20s and 30s during the day.

Sounds chilly right? It certainly is, as we’ve only had one day this month fail to reach 40 degrees.


This will be the coldest stretch of weather since the end of last February. So breakout the winter coats and gloves, but hold off on the snow shovels for now.