PORTAGE DES SIOUX, Mo. — Monday is the deadline for residents and homeowners to apply for FEMA flood assistance. To see if your zip code qualifies, enter it at disasterassistance.gov

As of Sept. 5, FEMA has given more than $60 million in federal grants, loans and insurance payments to Missouri residents affected by spring and summer's flooding. 

The record river levels brought on by torrential spring and summer rain may be over, but people living in the flood zones are still underwater and homes are under construction.

Driving around Portage Des Souix, there are new foundations being poured, houses being lifted and people hard at work getting their town put back together.

Sharon Colligan and her husband thought they were retired, but the river blocks down the road from their properties had another plan. In the 90-plus degree heat, the Colligans were in the trenches, shoveling and piecing together a new water line. 

"FEMA did not give us anything and we did not have flood insurance," Colligan told 5 On Your Side. 

The Colligan's did not qualify for FEMA because they have a small business and need to go through the U.S. Small Business Association. 

Just down the road from the Colligan's is Barry Munsell's home. It is on stilts waiting for a new foundation to be poured. FEMA and flood insurance is helping Munsell lift the home to the federally required 411-foot above sea-level mark.

Munsell said FEMA was able to help him, but not many of his neighbors. 

"I hate to call it turmoil, but there are people who didn't have flood insurance and their houses are condemned," Munsell told 5 On Your Side, "They're trying. A couple houses are for sale for whatever they can get, they're going to have to be raised and with no help, they'll have to pay. I'm afraid that those houses are going to be torn down."

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