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St. Louis native, former 5 On Your Side employee recalls riding out Hurricane Ian

"The only frightening moment was when the hurricane passed right by our faces. It truly sounded like a freight train. I'm ready to move," said Craig Wolf.

ST. LOUIS — "I've had better days," said Craig Wolf of Fort Myers, Florida.

For the 68-year-old, that's a monumental understatement.

For hours on Wednesday, he and his brave, 24-year-old son Jake rode out Hurricane Ian.

"We had 100 mph winds zipping passed us and we felt nothing. We didn't have to stay away from windows because it's a newly built condo that can withstand a projectile up to 150 mph," said Wolf.

Incredibly, he and his son stood on the balcony of Craig's condo in Fort Myers as Hurricane Ian unleashed its wrath.

Craig Wolf grew up in Olivette. He's also a former cut-in anchor, assignment desk editor and intern of 5 On Your Side.

He's lived in southwest Florida for the past 29 years.

"We're not near the water so we figured we'll hide from the wind which we did safely. My son and I watched the hurricane outside our window," said Craig Wolf.

Thankfully, the father, son and Craig's two dogs all survived.

However, Hurricane Ian caused catastrophic damage, major flooding and left behind widespread power outages all across Florida.

Craig and his family are among the millions now in the dark.

"The last 24 hours without power, without water, without internet. There is no opportunity to use a bathroom facility that we know about.," said Wolf.

The former, veteran TV reporter and anchor and his son spent much of the day camped out in Craig's car.

"I have satellite radio in my car. This is the only way I can get any news. This is one of the most helpless feeling days I've had since I can remember one," added Wolf, who's now an ambassador and fundraiser for a well-known healthcare nonprofit and works in real estate.

"We felt safe, but we also regretted that we didn't leave before the hurricane," added Craig.

Back in the Bi-State:

"Not being able to talk to her, hear her voice, it's hard," said Janice Kayser.

The Columbia, Illinois, woman worried all night about her 85-year-old mom and 88-year-old stepdad who live in Port Charlotte, which is about two hours south of Tampa.

"When we couldn't get a hold of them, probably cell towers were down, electricity down," said Kayser.

Finally, a big relief after her brother called her.

"I now know they're both OK and in my heart, that's the best thing there is," said Kayser with a big smile.

Next week Kayser plans to visit her mom and stepdad in Florida.

Meantime, Craig Wolf said he and his son will either drive to Nashville and stay with family members or head eastward to the Miami area.

Wolf is also seriously considering leaving the sunshine state.

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