MoDOT said we have sunshine to thank for better than expected road conditions.

Some people have been with and without water for the past few days.

That sunshine made a huge difference in the air temperature, resulting in above-freezing temperatures Sunday afternoon.

MoDOT said the pavement temperatures are about nine degrees higher than expected, so the plan right now is to wait until this rain passes. Then, crews will once again treat the roads and start downsizing crews through the evening.

As of 5 p.m., it was all hands on deck with 200 trucks on the road.

"Well, I think St. Louis got really lucky,” said Mark Croarkin of MoDOT. “Parts of the state saw a lot more freezing rain than we did. We had kind of a little bubble around St. Louis where the sun just came out for a little while and that extra five or six degrees made a huge difference for us."

MoDOT expects temperatures to drop off when the sun goes down. Crews are looking at temperatures tonight of about 29 degrees, so there could be some slick areas later in the night.

All of the rain and moisture is supposed to be gone by midnight, so MoDOT is not expecting any major concerns for your commute to work tomorrow morning.

However, 5 On Your Side Chief Meteorologist Craig Moeller said the weather is causing problems on untreated surfaces in some areas.