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Red Cross of Missouri delays Ida relief efforts due to weather

"Everybody wants to go,” said Regional Disaster Officer Chris Harmon. “They want to go help. We've got to say 'Alright, let's be patient."

ST. LOUIS — Due to the ongoing danger caused by Hurricane Ida, local Red Cross responders have been forced to put their plans to help with the recovery on hold.

"Everybody wants to go,” said American Red Cross of Missouri Regional Disaster Officer Chris Harmon. “They want to go help. We've got to say alright let's be patient."

Red Cross Regional Disaster Officer Chris Harmon is no stranger to big storms.

The American Red Cross of Missouri has more than 50 volunteers spread out across the country helping with cleanup from Hurricane Ida, Henry and the wildfires out west.

"It's going to be a long operation,” said Harmon.

After two days of delays due to weather, Harmon is ready to get some help to those hardest hit by Hurricane Ida.

"It's hard to watch the suffering and people that just lost their electricity, and just had the worst day of their life, but I always think of the hope that we're about ready to bring them,” said Harmon.

Harmon has learned from past storms how important it is to pre-stage support staff.

"They really want to see where the hardest-hit areas were,” said Harmon.

That’s why he sent 10 volunteers to Baton Rouge ahead of the storm. 

"As the evening goes on tonight and tomorrow, they're going to be getting pretty busy,” said Harmon.

As they work to establish shelters, another 18 Red Cross reinforcements will soon be deployed to the region.

"As far as stuff, we've got the cots, we've got the blankets, but it's just managing if we have the right resources in the right place,” said Harmon.

The only thing that Harmon believes the Red Cross is missing is you.

"The need to volunteer and the need to donate is always what the Red Cross needs,” said Harmon.

The second wave of responders from the Missouri Red Cross is set to leave Tuesday morning at 7 a.m.

If you would like to help out with donations or volunteer for the Red Cross click here.