MANCHESTER, Mo. (KSDK) - Footprints on a frozen pond-- that's what West County EMS and Fire crews found recently in a west St. Louis County subdivision. 

Firefighters say, along with the sledding tracks, it's a sign that kids are taking a dangerous risk playing on frozen ponds.

There have been multiple incidents on the ice in just the past few days across the bi-state. And firefighters are warning kids and adults alike to stay off the ice as changing temperatures make it more dangerous as ice thaws and refreezes.

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"That creates a different type of ice that may not be as strong as that original freeze," said West County EMS and Fire Battalion Chief Kelly Grassmuck. "There's no safe ice," he warned. 

A lot of ice emergencies involving people start out with pets falling through the ice and kids or adults trying to save them. Firefighters say call 911. They'd rather rescue the pet than the people who go in after them.