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Snow ice cream: Yes, it's a real thing and St. Louisans love it

Have you ever tried snow ice cream?
Credit: Sarah Connor

ST. LOUIS — Sledding, snowmen, hot cocoa and… snow ice cream?

Yes, that is a real thing.

Snow has returned to our area and with it, the kind of treat that only comes a few times a year—snow ice cream.

When we asked viewers about how they planned on spending the snow day, several viewers said they were making—or already made—a big batch of snow ice cream.

“This is a tradition in our home that this little boy will never skip,” Sarah told 5 On Your Side about her son. “There’s just something about it that makes it better than anything we can buy in the freezer aisle.”

She said it tastes sweet and fluffy.

Are you up for giving it a try? It's made with items you probably have in your kitchen (minus the snow, of course).

Here’s the recipe Sarah shared:

  • Snow, at least 4 cups
  • Sweetened condensed milk or sugar, 1/8 cup
  • Chocolate syrup to taste
  • Milk, 1/4 cup (more or less depending on how much snow you use)
  • Splash of vanilla extract, if desired
  • Top with sprinkles, chocolate chips, anything goes!
  • *Pro tip—set your bowl outside before it starts snowing so you have untouched snow already in your bowl

Sarah said they’ve experimented with vanilla and caramel, but chocolate is “hands-down the best!”

She said snow ice cream is better than the store-bought stuff because you can make it as sweet as you like and—of course—because of the memories you make while whipping up the snowy treat.

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