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St. Louis residents getting prepared for winter weather this weekend

Snow is expected to move in overnight Friday.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The snow affects almost everybody. And almost everybody was preparing for the weekend weather on Friday.

At Schnucks in Florissant, shopper Carolyn Thomas said, “Really, it’s just my weekly shopping, but I got a few extra things because of the storm. Since I’ve lived here so long, I don’t think too much about it. And since I’m retired, I don’t care what it does outside.”

In south city, merchandise at Southside Hardware on Hampton is season-specific. Owner Steve Ripper itemized some of his inventory.

“We’re looking at now shovels, salt, ice melter,” said Ripper. “The weather is coming in late Friday, so we might not see our business pick up until Saturday, when we’re open from 8 to 5.”

At Clean Cut Lawn Care, the landscaping shovels by day will be part of a snow removal operation, overnight.

Owner Tom Sostman said he’s pretty well booked up for Friday night.

“Yeah, everything we keep is actually fully contracted before we even go out. So, we already have a game plan down.”

Sostman said seasonal snow removal accounts for about 25-percent of his business.

“We don’t touch anything as far as just plowing snow without putting down chemical,” said Sostman. “We want to be full service and making sure we create a safe environment for our potential customers.”

Dog walker Teresa Wise was trying to avoid having to escort any dogs making paw prints in the snow.

“That is the goal,” said Wise. “Walking them in the snow sometimes is a little difficult. The cold weather’s bad enough, but snow can be a little tricky.”

Friday night, it was a race against time as winter-weary shoppers stopped in at Globe Drugs in Soulard.

"It has been a steady stream for us," said Rick Ruzika, the store manager.

One shopper, Tashea Ellison, had no problem spending $14 for a snow shovel.

"Nice big scoops," she said. "Its got a metal lining."

The longtime, family-owned business loves seeing the steady wave of shoppers scooping up the seasonal items.

"You name it: the bare essentials, bread, milk, drinks, even liquors," Ruzika said.

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