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Storm leaves drivers stuck on I-55, floods streets and basements in south St. Louis

"It was just chaos man. That high water moved my parked car and flooded my vehicle," said Steven Cavin.

ST. LOUIS — The steady storm socked St. Louis with blow after blow.

Emergency officials say one of the hardest-hit areas was south city.

"It was crazy man. Just chaos and water, water everywhere, " said Steven Cavin.

From South Grand to Arendes Drive near Bates Avenue, saturated streets suddenly looked like lakes.

"My wife and I were asleep when firefighters banged on our doors to let us know, 'Hey, the front of your house is flooded,'" said Cavin.

Steven Cavin raced outside only to see his parked car partially submerged in waist-deep water.

"Man that water moved my car. It was in my consoles and all over my front and back seats. The car won't turn on now," said Cavin.

For his neighbor across the street, it was a double-weather whammy.

At the height of the storm, Danielle Favron got caught in one heck of a traffic tie-up on Interstate 55 at Loughborough.

"It was bumper to bumper. Nothing was moving," recalled a frustrated Favron.

She then arrived home only to see her basement buried in water about four feet deep.

"I do know everything in my basement is gone and I just have to wait to see what the landlord says," said Favron.

Back on I-55 at Loughborough, we saw several cars suddenly submerged in water.

Motorists who couldn't maneuver out of the mess, called tow truck drivers to haul away their unmovable, water-logged vehicles.

"Initially, we received about 80 storm-related calls. I can tell you that all of our pumping stations were operational at the time. We're still assessing it all. It was just a lot of water in a short period of time," said Sean Hadley, a Spokesman for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.

"I do know that my insurance claim is already file and now I'm just waiting," said Steven Cavin.

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