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Summer camps adjust their plans due to extreme heat

Kids are taking more water breaks and playing indoors.

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. — At summer camp, kids would normally be running around, playing outside. On one of the hottest days of the year, however, sitting around and playing video games is more their speed.

“I feel like I lost a gallon of sweat already,” said 11-year-old Braeden Caup, who attends summer camp at the Edward Jones Family YMCA in Maryland Heights.

The camp counselors adjusted their plans Wednesday due to the extreme heat. Kids are mostly playing indoors. If they are outside, they are taking several water breaks in the shade.

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Counselors have also been trained to closely monitor kids’ behavior.

“We go through signs of heat exhaustion, what that looks like, in terms of a kid having fun compared to a kid being overheated,” said Kevin Munie, Youth and Family Program Director.

If a child is lethargic or does not seem to be sweating at all, those could be signs of heat illnesses.

Caup said, as much as he enjoys camp, he would prefer to do nothing at all.

“I just feel like sitting at home in the air conditioning,” Caup said.

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