Wednesday, November 15th is Winter Weather Awareness Day in Missouri. It’s a day the National Weather Service has designated to encourage all Missourians prepare now for what’s likely to come this winter season.

“We’re going to get some snow, we're going to get some ice,” Jim Kramper with the St. Louis office of the National Weather Service says. “It happens every year, but if you make some preparations now, wen it does hit you're going to be ready.”

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Chester Lampkin got the chance to tour the National Weather Service office this week to see how they’re preparing for the season. They’ve got new ways of compiling data and models – all in hopes of being even more accurate when forecasting how a storm could impact us here in the bi-state. But, none of that matters if YOU aren’t ready at home.

“Make sure your car's in good shape, and make sure your furnace at home is working as efficiently as possible,” Kramper says. “Doing those little things now can save you a lot of aggravation when that storm does hit.”

The National Weather Service has some handy guides to help get you ready for winter weather. You can click here to check those out.

We’re going to be talking more in depth about the changes the National Weather Service is making to their winter weather forecasting, and how they’re making it easier for you to know what exactly will be coming. We’ll share that story with you in the coming days.