ID=24991987KSDK - Turning a storage shed into a Tornado shelter was an idea that came out of a devastating storm in May of 2002 that killed two people in Centralia, Illinois.

Don and Betty Guymon live about 20 miles away in Marion County and thought there must be something people living in mobile homes could get into for shelter.

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Don did quite a bit of research and came up with the idea of a safe shed.

Betty knows Don is up to something when she finds notes or drawing scribbled on the kitchen table. She says he has some incredible ideas going through his mind.

The first safe shed was built on their farm. It's a concrete shed and FEMA actually has standards for above ground safe shelters for hurricanes and tornadoes. The safe shed meets or exceeds those criteria.

The door frame is built into the shed and the 250 pound steel door has special hinges and latches so it stays secure during a storm.

The door has been tested by the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech.

These days, a large warehouse type facility is home to the manufacturing of the Safe Sheds. There are two sizes, a 6'x6' and 8'x10'. The smaller shed is priced at $3,450.00 and the larger shed is $4,785 plus a delivery charge.

A shed that sits outside the manufacturing facility was put to the test in April of 2014 in Vilonia, Arkansas, and reminds the employees that they really are helping to save lives.

The EF-4 tornado ripped up much of the Vilonia area. The family sought shelter in what literally turned out to be the only safe place around, their Safe Shed. After the storm, the family opened the shed door to find literally everything they owned destroyed. A pick-up truck had been smashed up against the shed and yet the shed was still there, even though all the buildings around them were destroyed.

As severe weather season ramps up, the demand for the safe sheds increases.

If you would like more information on the Safe Shed, visit: