At the Marcus-Weherenberg Town Square theater in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, a Tuesday afternoon at the movies can be just the ticket. Especially since the tickets are just $5.

"Oh yes. Tuesdays are our busiest," explains Marcus-Wehrenberg employee Alison Schroeder.

Here, you not only get butter with your popcorn but a smile, from employees who like what they do.

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"Star Wars is my favorite," says co-worker Dennis Westerhold.  

Of course, at most theaters the stars are usually on the screen. But on Tuesdays, Town Square workers say the star of the show is the woman who tears tickets.

Jessica Taylor, 30, is often more animated than Pixar.

"Theater number three is to the right," Jessica tells a customer.  "And now I'm doing my Vanna White impression!"

Jessica spends most of her time at Emmaus, a nonprofit organization that provides around the clock services to adults with developmental disabilities.

But every Tuesday from noon to 6, she's the theater's opening act.

"She'll start up a conversation and by the time she tears her tickets. They're onto concession and they have a happy smile on their face," Schroeder says with a laugh.

If you get to the theater early and you have some time to kill, no problem. Jessica will serenade you with a song from her favorite singer. Kelly Clarkson.

"When I'm in a bad mood, she puts me in a good mood," says Westerhold.

And Jessica isn't like one of Hollywood's one hit wonders. She recently celebrated her 10th anniversary on the job. Though, one might question her taste when she's not here.

"Well I watch the news stations like Channel 5," she says grinning.

Theater goers spend a lot of time in the dark, so perhaps it's nice to know there's a light in the lobby making a difference.

"I think it's her positivity," Schroeder explains. "She always comes in and she's always happy."

Jessica Taylor. Never acting but always stealing the show.