COLUMBIA, Mo. — Stop us if you've heard this one before: All it took was one tweet to find something else to poke fun at online.

Sunday, VICE-based foodie outlet MUNCHIES tweeted the article 'Why is Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world?' with a photo that, if we're being honest, leaves a lot to be desired. And we mean that quite literally. In the photo, seen below, sits two pickles, two rolls, about eight or nine pieces of brisket, and a short stout.

Photo: MUNCHIES, Twitter
Photo: MUNCHIES, Twitter

The 'Brooklyn barbecue' almost immediately became a hit on social media, but not for the reasons Brooklyn-based Fetta Sau probably wished for. The original tweet, which has been liked over 3,500 times, spawned dozens of food-related jabs — and our friends to the west are helping lead the effort.

"Why are Brooklyn doughnuts taking over the world? Our column," tweeted Harold's Doughnuts, a Columbia-based donut shop. Their tweet, published Monday, sports a paper cup with about a quarter-full of coffee, and two Cheerios cereal pieces.

Their tweet quickly became a hit, garnering over 2,000 likes and 400 retweets in less than a day's time.

Harold's Doughnuts is located at 114 S 9th Street in Columbia.