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You can get a pickle split at this coffee shop

You can get it at the Pine Mountain Country Coffee House for $7.50.
Credit: Pine Mountain Country Coffee House

FESTUS, Mo. – Pickles and ice cream? Yes, it’s a real thing.

A coffee shop in Festus took a twist on the usual ‘banana split’ and created a ‘pickle split.’

You can get it at the Pine Mountain Country Coffee House for $7.50.

When owner Deanna Farrar was a teenager, she said someone dared her to add pickles to her ice cream, so she took the dare and thought it was really good. She’s been eating the combo on occasion ever since.

“I was thinking one day at work, while working on menus to make a pickle sundae. Later that week while out to dinner with my husband we were talking about it and our waitress even said it sounded good and she would eat it. My husband said "wow, next thing I know you will come up with a pickle spilt lol." I told him that was genius! I made it and a lot of people really like it,” Deanna Farrar said.

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Farrar said her and her husband, Ken, want people to come to their coffee shop and leave with a smile and sometimes a funny story.

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