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Talking Banshee with Blindspot's Trieste Kelly Dunn

As Banshee continues its fourth and final season tonight, KSDK connected with Ex-Banshee and current Blindspot actress Trieste Kelly Dunn. She talked about her character on the Cinemax hit, how she stays close with cast members and what she is doing now. 

As Banshee fires up its smoker for another white hot Friday night of entertainment and goodbyes, it's always good to revisit the past and characters who affected this show deeply and left too soon. Trieste Kelly Dunn's Deputy Siobhan Kelly was Lucas Hood's(Antony Starr) last real attempt at happiness and her death sent him on a spiral that he still struggles to escape two years later. He avenged her death, but her loss lays on his soul like a slab of guilt that just won't finish cooking. Dunn was sweet enough to answer a few questions from me via email on Siobhan's death, staying connected with cast members, and moving on from Banshee without completely breaking away.

KSDK: Siobhan's death scene easily goes down as the worst TV death in recent memory. How was it to film it and then watch it with the rest of the fanshees?

Trieste Kelly Dunn: Painful!!! It was worse shooting it though. I think I cried. I was really sad. I knew it was coming but it was still so emotional. The Fanhsee tweets were so unbelievably sweet though I felt we were all in it together.

KSDK: Siobhan was Lucas Hood's last real shot at happiness, right?

TKD: I think so. Siobhan was one of the good guys in town. They were a cute couple.

KSDK: Did it feel super weird to not head to Pittsburgh for Season 4? Is it just "business and a job" or were there genuine feelings of sadness about not coming up?

TKD: Banshee definitely felt more than just a job. There is so much love between the cast!! I was sad but I had known about leaving for a long time. I think sometime between shooting season 2 and 3 they told me so I did most of my being sad stuff while shooting season 3. I still flew to Pitts for the season 4 wrap party though. We see each other all the time. We're very lucky.

KSDK: Since you have no clue what is happening this season, what would you like to see happen to Hood? What do you think he deserves? If Adam and Tropper gave you the laptop and said write the ending, what would it be?

TKD: He goes to Disneyland with Carrie and Deva.

KSDK: Part of what makes Banshee so good is the connective aspect between the cast, crew and the audience. Something Greg Yaitanes started and other shows are following now. How is it to watch the show with fans and interact?

TKD: It's so great!! I feel like we're all in it together and it's helpful to see it through new eyes. When you're close to something and have read so many drafts and spent time so much time on set you can lose that magic feeling. But communicating with fans totally brings it back.

KSDK: I think when Banshee is over, there should be a Banshee Departed spinoff where the characters who were killed off basically meet, drink coffee and talk about real world issues in Miles Diner. You up for it?

TKD: Anything that involves hanging in Mooresville, North Carolina with those people! Yes!

KSDK: You are recurring on NBC's Blindspot. What else can TV and movie fans hope to find you in this year?

TKD: I'm gonna be shooting Bob Byingtons (7 Chinese Brothers, Harmony and Me) next film starring Megan Mullaly, Martin Starr, kevin Corrigan, and Nick Offerman. Very excited! Also, I'm on a very obscure but hilarious half hour comedy on Audience Network (for direct TV) And hopefully there will be more US Marshaling on Blindspot ;).

KSDK: Random question. Who looks better in a uniform? Antony Starr or Matt Servitto?

TKD: They both look great but does Lucas ever really wear the uniform? Isn't he always in jeans and a blue button up for the most part? I'll tell you what though,Tommy Pelphrey really rocks that navy.

You can catch Trieste Kelly Dunn on Blindspot on Monday nights on NBC. Banshee addicts can relive her work on Cinemax On Demand anytime as Season 4 progresses. That's the great thing about TV and Film. The characters may die or depart but their work endures.

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