This red caboose spent many years attached to the end of a train but it's now the first thing people see on the St. Louis West KOA campground.

"We've certainly decided to leave it right up here on the highway. It makes for a great show stopper," said Josh Bell.

Located off Old Route 66 in Eureka, this railroad car isn't just here to get your attention. Step inside and you'll see how this little red caboose is actually a little kid's dream.

"It's a super fun popular thing with families. Every boy or girl who drives by or loves trains wants to stay for the weekend," he said.

That's right, you can actually spend the night in this unique hotel dubbed the Cozy Caboose.

He said, "Inside, we have a full queen bed with linen, fold down dinette, fridge, air conditioner, tub and the kids big favorite is a bunk bed up in the crow's nest of the caboose."

The caboose has logged some miles in its day.

Josh said, "We know the caboose was on the Burlington Northern Railway. It got started in 1954, had a 30 year career as a caboose."

After its retirement, it came to Missouri.

"Some folks here in Eureka who had a hotel a Red Roof in Old Route 66 thought it would be fun to restore the caboose. Turned it into an ice cream parlor, turned it into a mini golf starting station, after that, they thought it was so popular they turned it into their honeymoon suite. Believe it or not, you could have had your honeymoon in the red caboose," he said.

The red caboose was moved to the St. Louis West KOA around the year 2000 and recently underwent another renovation to bring it up to date. A place to spend the night that you won't soon forget.

Nightly rates range for the caboose from $99-$179/night and reservations can be made online at or by calling the KOA at 636-257-3018.