ST. LOUIS - A restaurant like no other in St. Louis just opened on Vandeventer Avenue, called Blk Mkt Eats.

Kati Fahrney, co-owner, said, "We wanted something that would describe our exclusivity of burrito-sized sushi rolls in St. Louis."

Ron Turigliatto, co-owner, said, "You come to Blk Mkt Eats where you get something you can't find anywhere else."

The owners are cousins. Ron's from California where burrito-sized sushi rolls are a big food trend.

Ron said, "When I go back to visit my parents I've seen the concept."

And he wanted to bring that concept to St. Louis.

"It is a sushi roll the size of a burrito, no tortilla or anything like that," Kati said.

They use a large nori wrap, and fill it with everything from cured salmon to shrimp tempura to spicy tuna. They also serve sushi nachos and poke bowls. Blk Mkt Eats even has something for people who dont like sushi.

Ron said, "We even have a buttermilk fried chicken roll playing homage to the Midwest and South and put it in a sushi roll and that's one of my favorite rolls because it's so savory and delicious."

The portions are so big, you could share, you just might not want to.

Blk Mkt Eats is located at 9 S. Vandeventer. Check them out on Facebook at Their number is (314) 304-8420.