When you think of Carol House Furniture, updating your bedroom or living room might come to mind. But the company isn't just passionate about chairs and tables. Carol House has a big heart for cats and dogs.

Brook Dubman, Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic cofounder said, "In St. Louis like many other cities we've had an overpopulation problem going on forever and ever to the point where we don't have enough homes to adopt ourselves out of the overpopulation problem."

To help reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals, Carol House started a non profit called Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic.

"If we could open up a clinic to fix pets for people that couldn't normally afford to fix them, then we could lower overpopulation problem and less unneccesarry euthanasias," said Dubman.

About 4 years ago, Brook opened the pet clinic on Jefferson Avenue with friend and fellow animal lover Richard Camp. Since the clinic opened, they've spayed and neutered 44,000 pets.

"If you look at intake numbers in area shelters... we have been instrumental in reducing those numbers by 21-percent now. So what happens is there's that many less euthanasias." said Dubman.

The clinic also offers transportation for low income families who may not be able to get their pet to the clinic.

To contact the clinic, call 314-771-PETS.
The clinic is located at 1218 S. Jefferson in St. Louis.
The website is stlspayneuter.org.