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Erin Bode is making music that's personal to fans

Songs by request.

Her silky smooth voice has taken her all over the world and into several recording studios.

"Yeah, we have 8 albums."

But Erin Bode's latest project is a more personal one for Bob Hellrung and his wife Cheryl Leeds.

"Well, I have written poetry to her over the years," Hellrung explains.

Beautiful sentiments on paper, but he really wanted to make one of his poems sing.

"It was on his bucket list to write me a love song," Leeds says.

"I had played around on the piano with you know melodies but not successfully," Hellrung adds.

It just so happened a few months earlier Erin had gotten an interesting request.

"A man came up to me at our performance at Jazz at the Bistro and he said my wife and I are about to celebrate our 10th anniversary in a couple months have you ever recorded a song on request? It was almost like so obvious, but the best idea I've ever heard I was like of course we would do that, it's a great idea."

"I saw in her newsletter she had recently recorded somebody's song for them, one of their favorite songs and I thought oh, this is maybe an opportunity here," Hellrung says.

"They sent me an email and asked if I'd be interested in putting Bob's poem to music and I said yes I would love to do that!"

She came up with a melody, enlisted the help of her friend Viktor Krauss, a talented Nashville musician for the music, and Bob was able to check that love song off his bucket list.

"It turned out to be just perfect, we were just blown away by it and we both had tears in our eyes," Leeds says.

They try to dance to it every night.

"We don't do anything but a hug and a sway," Hellrung points out.

It's a loving embrace to a song they know every word to.

"I think it's a very interesting and unique way to have people personally involved in the music that they listen to." Bode explains.

It's something she hopes will strike a chord with more people.

"Well, I've kind of realized through this process especially working with Bob and Cheryl that it's the kind of thing that everybody has a story and music is such a wonderful way to communicate our most personal feelings and I think if it's possible for me to help to tell their own story with a song that's what I want to do."

You can download 'The Moon is Ours Tonight' on all of the typical online music platforms including iTunes. If you have beautiful words you'd like to put to music contact Erin through her website erinbode.com and then click on Your Song.

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