Too Blue Boutique in Columbia, Illinois is named after the owner's children.

"I have two blue eyed children and that's where the name came from," Addie Hohman said.

At Too Blue, you'll find a wide variety of clothes, whether you're going for classy, trendy, or comfortable.

"We go from inexpensive to Free People, which is our highest price brand," she said.

As for what's hot this season...

"It's velvet and faux fur and texture."

Faux fur vests, bell sleeves, and bell bottoms are selling like crazy.

Addie said, "She is wearing amazing bell bottoms that everyone is going crazy over. Flares is what is hot this year. When you walk into a room with these on, people are going to notice you.

So many cute looks that you can soon get a discount on, if you shop their Blue Wednesday sale.

"Instead of Black Friday we do Blue Wednesday. Wednesday before Thanksgiving, doors open at 5 AM. First hour is 40 percent off and percentages drop from there but it is crazy and so much fun," she said.

Too Blue Boutique
109 W Gundlach St., Columbia, IL
(618) 281-2258