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Football food made easy with Save A Lot

Save A Lot is here to help with all of your fall football snacking needs!

Football season is back, and that means tailgating and watch party food is too! Save A Lot is here to help you make easy and tasty snacks for game day. Courtney visited the Save A Lot at 1631 South Jefferson to find out more.

Amy and Sarah from Save A Lot shared some of their great game day deals with Courtney. They have Farmington, private label, premium sausages and bratwurst to pair with Grisham’s hot dog buns. For snacking, they have Mantia’s meatballs, Kurtz barbecue sauce, and Michelina’s pizza rolls! Amy adds that you can also choose from over 20 different varieties of J. Higgs chips, and three of these bags cost the same price as one from a national brand!

Save A Lot can help you with serving too. They have great football theme plates and napkins, all at a reasonable price.

So, if you are getting ready for football season, or if you’re just hungry, be sure to head on over to Save A Lot! There are 47 locations in the St. Louis area, find one near you at SaveALot.com. You can also find them on Facebook @SaveALot or on Instagram @SaveALotFoodStores.