Dave and Sandy Gjerswald recently retired from their jobs at brokerage firms.They spent time traveling in their RV before taking an unexpected detour.

Dave said, "She wanted something more than what we were doing and always loved kids and asked me if she could open up a play area for kids and I said, 'No.'"

But Sandy convinced her husband this is what she really wanted after retirement.

Sandy said, "I wanted to find something that excited me, a fun way to spend my time."

They traded their life of leisure for a life of play. Which meant that RV had to find another home.

"We ended up selling an RV that we had and starting this," Dave said.

They opened Grandma's Playroom near the intersection of Tesson Ferry and Lindbergh, an indoor space for kids to have fun while adults can unwind.

She said, "I was just telling my husband, there needs to be a place you can go with your kids where you can relax."

Sandy speaks from experience. She and Dave are grandparents.

"When we have our grandsons and we would take them places, it would be stressful for me as grandma to try to keep an eye on both boys," she said.

Grandma's Playroom is a safe place for kids up to 8 years old to play, whether it's planting flowers in a garden, building a castle, or buying food at the grocery store. There are snacks, drinks, and free WiFi you can enjoy at the table and chairs.

If you ask sandy, selling that RV has been worth it.

"Some of the kids even call me grandma... just the best feeling in the world," she said.



9981 Lin Ferry Drive

(314) 270-3291

Open until 4 today

$8 per child

Adults & crawlers are free