"Were forty-seven thousand square feet of activities,” explains Brad Heath, owner of Urban Air Adventure Park in Cottleville, Missouri.

It’s an all new adventure park lit with a luminaire of light.

The atmosphere that’s created with the color splash lighting we have run throughout the park is amazing.

It’s a place built for families.

A lot of family’s have the eight and nine-year old’s that can enjoy all the trampoline jumping.

But they can’t go to a space where there two-year-old is safe. We developed a system play tubes area where everything is padded everything is netted in so you can let your two-year-old three-year-old toddler’s run through here expend all the energy in the world but not worry about them getting hurt.

The have old-time favorites like dodgeball and some new activities as well.

We have an elevated sky coaster elevate ropes course, we have bumper cars a four-lane warrior course, and expert trampolines.

You can experience all this at Urban Air Adventure Park in Cottleville, Missouri.

To learn more go to their website at here.